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Soon …

by travelinduo on Jan.05, 2014, under Between gigs, Trying for Africa

Preliminary medical and legal forms cleared. An email from my new Placement Officer indicates that I should hear from PC with either an invitation or a “so sorry to inform you” by the middle of January at the latest. This along with the many ideas of what and where to spend 2014 leads to a very interesting month of discussions coming up.

We are down to the wire now as we return to the USA from Spain (see our travel blog at http://travelinduo.blogspot.com ) on the 7th with a stopover in London for the night. then it is back to the RV for a short while. By the time the invite/so sorry comes in we will have made plans for a return visit to Canada and possibly a side trip to Alaska. There is a fabulous train ride to see the Northern Lights and spend some time in Chena Hot Springs.

Life continues as we meander down the newly lit path of 2014 … Happy New Year …

from Danny and Shirley in Valencia, Spain …

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Christmas 2013 …

by travelinduo on Dec.22, 2013, under Between gigs, Trying for Africa

Greetings from Vlencia Spain where we will be spending Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations.

The season is now in full thrust and I finally received some notification from PC Washington, albeit nothing definite. They are still awiting the lists of requests from the schools in the various countries. They do however, want me (and I am sure others) to complete the legal and medical questionnaires. They assured me that I would have a definite answer by mid-January.

So the wait continues. In the meantime we continue to enjoy our fortunate lifestyle while anticipating a return to the US in January.

To read our 2013 newsletter, click on the letter.

Next update will have an answer from PC …

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PC update

by travelinduo on Oct.03, 2013, under Trying for Africa

Applying to PC is always a challenging endeavor and this time is no different. The PC/Seed Global Health (SGH) Partnership opened it’s doors for a second round of invitees on June 15 and by June 20 I had sent in a completed application. Of course, it is never simple – afterwards came the wait. Soon, as spacial as soon relates to PC, I was notified of an upcoming interview. In the meantime, I attended a wonderful seminar that explained many of the questions that I had regarding the program. I felt ready for the interview. I reviewed all about SGH and their many projects, I reviewed the various job descriptions and I learned any verbge that I didn’t quite understand. The interview came and I sat in a hotel room with Danny behind me for moral support. A hotel room you say: Yes a hotel room. We were traveling at the time so we stayed in one place an extra day to accommodate the interview. I felt good about, Danny felt good about it and so we settled in to wait the next level. We were told that SGH would be conducting the next set of interviews starting the first of September, if you were recommended by your PC recruiter and that medical and legal forms would be sent my way shortly. After waiting for 2 weeks for the medical and legal forms to come in, I contacted the recruiter. Oh, they were able to use the ones that I had submitted for the last application and therefore wouldn’t be sending me any. Thanks, for letting me know.

September 1 came and went – no notification of an interview. I waited and waited until finally I notified my recruiter that I would be leaving the country on September 24th and that interviewing might be a little more difficult. (ha, little? like maybe, a lot more difficult?) Finally, after many weeks of second guessing whether or not I actually would make the second round of interviews, I was notified of the next interview. This one would be done by the Chief Nursing Officer(CNO) and the Assistant CNO of SGH, and yes, you guessed, the day before we were scheduled to depart at 6am. Thankfully we had been offered a ride by a dear friend and she offered an earlier arrival so that I could do the interview in her home. Things just might be coming together.

The interview; came and went. I feel good about it, very good in fact. I never hesitated with answers: I had appropriate responses: I gave negotiable terms when questioned about certain topics: I asked appropriate questions: and I even tabled the notion that I do not have a MSN nor a PhD as an educator. No use in wasting their time and money as well as mine if they are going to turn around at the end and tell me that I do not have the required educational background. They reassured me that this would not be a defining item – the defining one would be if there came in a request for my specialty. Then I would be in dircct competition with any other with qualifications for the area. One area that was discussed was why I asked for early notification. It was explained that the early notification had been given because the doctors needed to get their applications in for Fellowships byt Dec 15 and so needed to know by Dec 1. It was then explained that my reasoning was because I was unsure if the start date could be put forwarded and I didn’t want to be in a position where I had just started a 3 month volunteer gig and have to quite because of this start. They were happy with the explanation and I hope, maybe a little satisfed with my professional integrity as it relates to responsibility. The upshot of the discussion? I won’t here probably until January to know if I get a position or not. Aaaah, Patience and Perseverance.

And so I head out on the first leg of plan for obtaining the position – a volunteer opportunity in Cuenca, Ecuador in a Women’s Clinic or a Unwed Mother’s home. Time will tell here as well.

The posts are far and few between at this point, but then, there really isn’t too much that can be said. Keep posted ….

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Did you think …

by travelinduo on Jul.14, 2013, under Between gigs

Did you really think that we could leave Peace Corps after our gig in Colombia? Well, apparently not as I have now applied for a medical PCRV position in Africa. I pulled out all the stops and now have an interview on Wednesday the 17th.

The last year has been devoted t getting back into the swing of things while waiting for the opportunity to apply for this position. The start date will be 2014. This is sort of my last hooray so to speak. If this doesn’t come to fruition, I will stop looking. In the meantime, in order to enhance my application I will hopefully be volunteering in Somaliland this fall for 10 weeks. I still have the paperwork to submit.I have also gone back to school in order to get my MSN as an educator. Would also like to get a minor(is this possible?) in international development work.

So, check back from time to time, to see how things are going…

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The last of the blogs …

by travelinduo on Mar.16, 2012, under Colombia

Continuing with the saga of Peace Corps and the Sherrod’s, our final Friday in Colombia, brought us some great and not so great news. We received an invitation to join Peace Corps Response Panama, doing what we had wanted to do as an extension: teaching teachers to make their classrooms more interactive and how to use the updated teaching methods. It was indeed, an inviting invitation.

After our return, we mulled the invitation, weighing the pros and cons and what was currently occurring with life matters. Business concerns made the final choice. Reluctantly we wrote and postponed the invitation.

Life in the US is one of adjustments and planning, having basically lived out of the country for 3 years, in a Peace Corps environment. Our first concern was in getting out our home-on-wheels and ensuring its road worthiness. With fingers crossed and teeth gritted, we hooked up the batteries, turned on the generator, and commenced to turn the ignition. The generator started after a couple of turns. This then charged the batteries. Then the ignition – it started! Yippee! After letting it run for a while, we headed over to the factory where we getting it serviced. We made it without incident.

While the rig was in the shop, we headed back to Ft Worth and business meetings. More importantly, however, was re-acclimatizing ourselves to the demands of basic life here in the US. The choices that one has to make – the decisions that one has to make, and the general decompression, all make for a somewhat stressful time frame. And it continues even today.

We are finally back in our home, but now are faced with the cleaning and cleaning out and restocking of a home that was overstocked when we left. It is time consuming but we are happy to be sleeping in our own bed, have our own things, and knowing that the decisions that are being made will last a day or a lifetime, but they are for us.

Where do we go from here? That is the unknown for sure, but wherever and whenever, it will be another good experience. We start off fulfilling an obligation made when we first went to Panama, Jury Duty. After that, a get together with friends at a RV rally in Louisiana. Then Europe in May with Brooke, our granddaughter and visiting with good friends from Panama in Paris. In between, we are just going to reacquaint ourselves with family, friends and home. So this will be the last of the entries under our “PC’ing in Panama then and now Colombia” blog. Future entries will be made at http://www.travelinduo.blogspot.com/

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