In Progress
Christmas Ornaments:

                                  Canadian Santa:  This is part of BOM club called "Santas of the World" from Squiggee Designs offered by What's the Point needlepoint in Dublin, OH.   Of the whole club, I am only going to make the Canadian and the American Santas. I am hoping to be able to finish these into quasi-ball ornaments as gifts for my sons, and of course, one for me. They are cute and easy to do, with a few new stitches for me to learn. I bought only one canvas plus the kit that included the stitch guide and the threads. I plan on stitching three at a time - it will take a little longer of course but, row by row, it will work without having to actually draw onto the other canvases. So, here we go ...                                                                                                                                                                            
  canvas ready to go ...

August 3, 2011  And here I am, working simultneously on 3. Slow slogging, but should be kinda fun as I get used to it. Of course, I ran out of the beard thread as I misread the instructions and had to rip out 2 of the 3.