Christmas Block's
In Progress
Merry Christmas Blocks:

These blocks are from a Block of the Month from Pocketfull of Stitches of Lubbock, Texas. These are by far, not my favourite. I plan on finishing them and then making them into regular blocks which are perfect for a gift that I have in mind. I would, however, do them again, but I by changing some of the threads and colours. These small projects are perfect for me and our traveling lifestyle. I can carry them on any form of transportation and stitch on them.
This is my second BOM that I have done. The other is the Hallowe'en blocks from the same company.


2012:  ...and I continue with these blocks, hopefully getting them done this year. I have the final S, Santa, and MERRY left.
A February 5 ... I finished up Santa. Down to 2 to finish, one of which isn't here with me. It will have to wait.

March 15: Finished S2 but then discovered that I didn't have a needle small enough to sew on the embellishment. It will have to wait. Now for MERRY, the last one.

2014:  January 16 ... Well I would say that this also is long overdo. I only have Merry left to do and I can't get it started. It goes to the top of the UFO list for this year...