One Wonky One
for Zach
inspiration Feb. 28, 2014:  Inspiration came from this photo for Zach's quilt. He had stated that he wanted one made out of blues and lime greens. This would be perfect. Working on the dimensions I had hoped to make it with a 12.5" square but it didn't turn out to be. After trimming it will probably end up being 11" before sewing together with sashing. Oh well, that means I have to make 2 more than originally planned. This is what I ended up with: 
zach A little more regimented and uniform in style than I had hoped for but I still like it. hmmmmm - maybe I could add a little to some of the colours and get to the 12.5". Will have to try that. Let's see, which ones?

For my measurements and how-to's, you can go here.

Now for another 24 blocks ... one 2.5" starter square was cut opposite what it should be (cut 2 together instead of one at a time) so am going to make one wonky and put it on a wonky point, hence the name.