Completed Quilted Projects:
before 2012
2012, September: When I originally started to blog my crafting, I was a Peace Corps volunteer (2009-2011) and worked with a Woman's group that was learning how to quilt, as was I. This led to more projects for teaching than for myself. However, I did have a couple of quilts that were made for our adopted PC daughters - still a teaching project but made with love and joy.
For our adopted PC daughters:
These were used to show that you could quilt with more than just store-bought cottons when you had to. They are made out of polo shirts that were purchased in a thrift store for $3 per XXXL shirt. Cotton that was in stash was used for borders and binding and flannel for the backing. Small pillows completed the ensemble. These were given to them when we left Panama.
Annie's Quilt  Dee's Quilt
Then the oxford shirt quilt - $2 per XXXL shirt. Pieced borders and used a flannel in the stash for backing. Unfortunately it had too much pink for a boy and  for girls, should have had no blue at all.
Baby Quilt
Other teaching projects
, using fabric that the women didn't really like.
9square pillow backpack table runner 1 table runner 2 wallet 1 wallet1b wallet2 lady of guade tablecloth donation tablerunner3
Then there are the flimsies that I didn't get made into anything myself but were part of the group effort.
Hansel & Gretel basket
And the ones that I never got photos taken of them.
Anything that I have made in the 50 odd years before this has never had a photo taken. Nearly all has been given away as gifts with a few UFOs still around.

In August 2011 I left to go to Colombia on another PC assignment. Here too I found myself quilting as well as teaching a Woman's group some crafting. They were not interested in learning how to quilt so the quilting that I did was just because ...
handbag1 postcard1 postcard2 donation c1 donation c2