in Celebration of...
I heard about the "Quilts of Valor" program and immediately thought of my cross stitch project that I was doing as I travel by car:
celebration and I thought of a wonderful star pattern that I had seen: quilt idea I can put the cross-stitch into the middle of a star. Stars could be made out of "celebrating America" type motifs, including sports. I also have a perfect white-n-white with stars that would work well.

There is a Craftsy blog that is doing a Quilt of Valor, a block a week, that looks very good so far. So in the end, my pattern just might change a little.

So let's begin ...
1. gathering of fabrics: this will take a little while as I have to head on into town from wherever we are at the time for supplies.

2. Measuring and cutting of the strips for the paper piecing.